5 Free Ways To Market Your Business Online

Market your business

1. Your Website

You should ensure you are making the most of your website. With Google’s search algorithms constantly changing, it’s important to make sure your website’s content is fresh, unique and regularly updated. Update your portfolio, add new photos, write a blog, create new pages.

2. Social Media

Creating business accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is absolutely free. And incorporating the use of social media into your marketing plan has its advantages if your that’s where your target market is. The simple practice of offering engaging content and interacting with your customers on social media can fuel your branding efforts and put your name in the forefront of your audience’s minds, again, if that’s where your audience lives.

3. Email Marketing

Another great free way to market your business is email marketing. An email list gives you the ability to send messages to your list whenever you want. Sending out emails regularly will allow you to engage with your audience.

You could use a newsletter format to drive traffic to your website by promoting articles, latest product, affiliate offers, latest content updates, etc. Make sure you also include helpful tips, news and other helpful information to make sure you keep your audience engaged.

4. Blogging

A blog is a great way to connect with potential customers. But remember one of the keys to successful blogging is to provide value such as information, tips, tools, resources, reviews, etc. Create a blog and make sure it is attached to your website, then create appealing content and share it, tweet it, attach it to your email campaigns,  and promote it. This will help you increase website traffic and generate customer engagement with your brand.

5. Search Engine Local Listings

Finally, make sure you are listed in your geographic area for the major search engines.

  • Google My Business is the first place to start. One of the biggest advantages of Google My Business is it features your business’ exact location on a mobile-friendly map for smartphone users. Don’t have an address? don’t worry, you can still list your online business on Google by selecting the “services” category.
  • Bing Places for Business – Bing Places offer fast and free registration. You can add multiple business locations and include photos and videos in your listing.

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